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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Exercises in Procrastination

Extremely busy at the moment, so nothing really to share except in DOT POINT FORM!

~ FFOC #7 is out in shops, or rather in one shop, Pulp Fiction Comics.

~ The Mary Comic is being updated again. Yays for that. Received a lovely piece of artwork from someone this week, which I shall have to share.

~ Finishing up a submission for Snaptoons. Argh. Brain just ... gone.

Apart from that, I'm sick to death of people asking for free copies of [insert comic title here]. Why? Why do you think you deserve a free one? Do you know that I would be far more likely to give you a free one if you DIDN'T ask for it? What? It's like my friend who always says, "Hey, how about I owe you a beer?" How about you DON'T because you'll never pay me back and, for jeebus sake, I know it's just a beer, but if I add up all the beers you've skeezed out of me it's getting a bit pricey.

The moral of this story is that you should pay for your comics. Come on, people, it's $3!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Comic Meeting! (Why are my arms all black?)

Adelaide's Monthly Comic Artist Meeting -- 1st Saturday of the month, Grace Emily Hotel on Waymouth St, 2:30pm onwards -- went off as scheduled, despite a few hiccups. (I really don't like officious bar staff, especially girls, and while there weren't any at the Grace Emily there were some at the Rosemont and they wouldn't let me have change 'for the pokies'.)

Notable attendees included the delicious Datsun Tran, who has the distinction of being the most accomplished artist I've met in my life and, as if that isn't enough, is friendly, witty, cool, well-dressed, and good looking to boot. There was also a full dose of Mark Selan, Owen Heitman, Evildan, Clare Oakes, 'Doctor' Lucas House, John I-have-forgotten-his-last-name-maybe-it-is-Smith ... um ... and some other people like Those Guys I Don't Know Who've Started Coming Lately. (Mark, wanna fill me in?)

Highlights for me include:
  • Dave getting people to draw him porn for the 'Adults Only' edition of Fist Full of Comics
  • Datsun scrawling tattoos up my arm in texta-pen
  • saying something very VERY rude to someone who has had it coming for a long time
  • being given a script for Benzin Bullock's More Secret Pictures of You exhibition in which I get to be mean to an orphan
  • not getting intolerably drunk and having an 'episode'
  • finding out that Fist Full of Comics has sold out of not only the latest issue but the back issues as well
  • being mobbed by half a dozen Asian children in the markets because I was wearing a Batman teeshirt
  • some guy turning around to say, "He-ey," and leer at me in the street, only to walk into the front of a parked car and fall over HAHAHA loser
Lowlights include:
  • the pub getting overrun by a SODDING HENS NIGHT! Christ, I hate those. I mean, really, a bucks night is bad enough but for some reason when a girl gets married all her friends turn into the most amazing bunch of bitchy drunken tarts. At least the boys on a bucks night don't really behave much worse than they usually do, though Evildan assures me that they do rape people.
Next issue of Fist Full has the theme of Video Games. This has proven unpopular, which amuses me hugely. Datsun has promised me a cover with Pyramid Head being DEAD SEXY, and I already have submissions from Owen, Mark and Dr House.

In Other News: Guitar Wolf tonight, ROCK AND ROLL! I expect to be quite fragile tomorrow morning :)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Inaugral post of doom

Stupid 'no anonymous comments' people ... look what you made me do!